Not See Evil In Cowtowne

Citadel Doppelgängers for Toob-Feeding Lemmings. All is Abetted by Calamity-News and Corn-pone-Media Quislings. The GWOT Core of Manifest Destiny aka Exceptional- and Z- and Jingo- isms are Mandates for Eviscerating Natives' Resources an Explicit Neo-Cannibalism. This Manic Tyranny of Unsustainable Reactionary Paradigms is Shock-Doctrined by the Hoaxed "Unawareness" of Ideological, Humanitarian, and Military Crises. "Left" or "Right" Politics has Been Made Entirely Irrelevant.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Regulation is a war being lost to regulation.

"Regulated Hedge Fund" sounds like an oxymoron.

Risk Management, as well as profitability, are wars being lost to regulation. 
Regulation is a war being lost to regulation.

spoon-fed, or self-directed worldview?